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I <3 baking

I love baking, it's superb.
Making some butter cookies now. I can't wait for those little bitches to be done, yum!

sometimes I wish...

Well, sometimes I wish you knew.

best shirt ever!


YES I know. It even has the wedding ring. I found it today doing laundry, I thought it was lost forever! <3

You ever try to

blow a bubble with gum that isn't bubble gum? like the orbits stuff that makes your mouth taste like a fruit popsicle.

It's next to impossible unless you chew like 10 sticks...
But I'm a fucking warrior!

diabetic coma inducing images

So my diet/excersice kick is going stellar! But sometimes temptation kicks in.
When it does I go here...


Holy shit.
It was so much fun when you were younger, and you would buy the really cool valentines from the grocery store, make kick ass mail boxes out of carboard and bring cupcakes to school.
I MISS those days! Now it's a load of crap. A corporate holiday you are "forced" to celebrate to "prove" you love your SO.


They still make delicious candies and fun V-day cards for kids.
I'll stick with those.

I think all I ever do is drink tea.


I used to have an amazing job where all I did was drink tea, sell tea pots and danced and did silly things. Then the corporate office turned more "corporate" and they cheated me out of alot of money and time, and blamed things that weren't my fault on me. I miss those days tho.

Fuck this economy

I could have my car repo'd because of this shit.

I hate not having money.

shit damn

So I go to return some shoes and fill time until my dad comes over. I go to TJ Maxx to look around and this cardigan on the sales rack catches my eye. I read the label and am shocked. it's original price was 500 dollars, TJ Maxx wanted to sell it for 200 but it was on sale for 7.

don't believe me..

Of course I got it. I would have bought it even if it's original price was 7, it was cute and totally my taste (looked like something an elderly secretary would wear... totally MY taste).
I'm debating maybe trying to sell it on ebay, or just keeping it for myself.

I also got some seriously delicious smelling perfume. I smell like a spicy jasmine flower. It's terrific!

bottom part is done..

hopefully in the next week or 2 or 3 I can get to work on the top half. If I make some money I can.

That's me 5 minutes before I leave.
really horrible pics of my armCollapse )